Sunday, 6 January 2013

I finished one!

It was about time to finish a project, instead of starting new ones all the time. The Academy 1/144 Sepecat Jaguar is finally finished.

After applying the decals last time, I added one final layer of Satin Varnish (Vallejo 71.060). This will seal in the decals and protect them. It should prevent silvering and discoloration over time and will also protect from handling (e.g. holding it in your hand and accidentally brushing over a decal).

I'm really happy with how the decals turned out. I'm not sure whether it's the MicroSol that has worked it's magic on the decals, or the extra layer of varnish, or both working together. It's hard to see any remnants of the decal film and there's no reflection on the decals, no matter how you turn it onder a bright light. Definitely the way to go for the "painted on look".

After removing the masking tape from the canopy, I could probably have done a better job, but remember the canopy is about a centimeter long. The clear part has fogged over on the inside. I remember reading about this. I think it's a side effect of the superglue, which can be avoided by giving the part a protective layer before attaching it.

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