Works in progress

A list of the models I am currently working on. Some get priority, some progress really slow. The pictures are roughly shown in order of priority. Chances are good that other models will get started before I make my way down the list, so some of them might stay here for several more months (or years).

Meng 1/35 Merkava Mk.3 BAZ
Current status: construction
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Arii models 1/48 Patriot Radar
Current status : weathering

Revell 1/32 Colonial Viper Mark II
Current status : weathering

Moebius 1/32 Colonial Viper, Mark VII
Current status : weathering

Trumpeter 1/35 Panzerjägerwagen
Current status : painting

Zvezda 1/72 Royal castle
Current status : building & painting

Revell 1/535 U.S.S. Missouri
Current status : Painting

Revell/Monogram 1/72 Starfury Mk1
Current status : Painting

There's also an Enterprise-A in the attic, ready for painting sub-assemblies.

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