The stash

Below are all the kits in my stash. It's a rather short list, since I tend to start construction on everything I get my hands on and then end up working on 7 models at the same time.
This list will be growing faster than I finish models, but this is normal behaviour for a modeller.

Compared to many modellers, my stash is really small. I've seen people's attics with over 100 boxes, some of which will probably never be assembled and eventually sold or passed on to others. My ambition is to never have more than 10 kits in my stash, or at least finish one model before I buy another. (There are 19 now)

Hobby Boss' 1/35 M1070 Truck with M1000 HET trailer

Moebius 1/4105 Battlestar Galactica
Bought this as soon as I found out the model existed. 
I was a huge fan of the original series and the remake in 2003.

Revell 1/72 Kamov Ka-50 Hokum
One of my early models that got smashed beyond recognition during a move.
This kit was €3 second-hand, but missing the decals.
Trumpeter 1/35 Mörser Karl-Gerät 040/041 and railway transport

Trumpeter 1/35 K5 Leopold railroad gun

Revell 1/72 Spitfire
(A random gift at an IPMS New-Years-meeting)

AFV Club 1/35 leFH18 10.5cm Howitzer
Revell 1/72 Leopard 2A5

Heller 1/72 M4 Sherman "D-day"

Lindberg 1/35 T-55 Main Battle Tank

Bronco 1/35 88mm L71 Flak 41 Anti-Aircraft gun

Tamiya 1/35 20mm FlakVierling

September 20th, 2013 : I bought a second-hand stash with 11 models. I figured I'd try to sell off half of them, but that turned out harder than I thought in these times of crisis :-). I sold ONE \o/. Oh well, 10 more models in the stash, so we can finally call it that.
Edit (2014-01-07): I just wrapped the F4F Phantom II as a surprise package for tonight's IPMS meeting. We all needed to bring a €5 surprise and the Phantom is the least plausible to be built anytime soon. I hope someone else can be more excited about it than me.

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