Friday 20 September 2013

Good things

They say good things come to those who wait, but acting quickly can also get you the goods faster than those with patience, who are left with nothing. I'm talking about seeing an interesting second-hand offer and considering it a while until you finally pick up the phone, only to be told it's already been sold.

Earlier this week, I decided I would buy a new airbrush, the Badger Renegade Velocity. But then I'd also need a decent compressor. A quick glance at the local options quickly told me this would cost around €200 for a Sparmax, a highly praised brand. 
Further Googling landed me on Kapaza (a website for selling second-hand things, from baseball-cards to cars and motorcycles) on a Sparmax AC-100 with a starting bid of €55. The seller's listing also contained an airbrush (Aztec, weird-looking thing, totally unknown to me) and several kits. Seems like he invested in the hobby, but never got it of the ground and now his eyes were degrading, so he decided to get rid of it all. The compressor and airbrush were unused, the kits unopened.

When I called, he already had a decent offer on the compressor and the airbrush together and a separate offer for all the kits. As I only needed the compressor, that would mean he would probably end up with the airbrush unsold. Some quick calculating and I decided to buy the brush as well. By the time I got in my car and was underway, I had already decided to buy all the kits, providing they looked well.

In short, I ended up buying his entire listing for the price I was willing to pay for a new compressor. 

It yielded me an airbrush I've never heard of, so I will experiment with it, hopefully this weekend. If it's a dud, it's still a cheap experiment and I can always still buy the Badger. If it turns out working perfectly and easily, it's a been a bargain.

The only way it can be truely disappointing, is if the compressor falls through after a few months, but let's hope it'll last several more years.

I now have 11 airplane kits, even though I've already said I don't want to do airplanes anymore :-). There's several I really like and a few I could use as test-subjects.  If I can sell half of them for 50-75% of their value, I will have the remaining kits for next to nothing.


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