Thursday 5 September 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #7: Your Significant Other...

This week's assignment for the Sprue Cutters Union is less about modelling, but about how it affects the people around us. 

- How does your significant other view your hobby? -

My girlfriend did not knowingly get into a relationship with a modeller. At the time, I was not actively building, but she knew it was something I did as a teen and I had a few models lying around. A model of Star Trek's Deep Space 9 was allowed to sit next to the TV, because it looked the least nerdy and could pass as a piece of art, to the untrained eye.

Last year, when I picked the hobby up again, she was very supportive and her urging to do something creative was one of the deciding factors.

She's been there for the ups and downs. When something goes really well, or I'm proud of something in particular, she shares in my happiness. When I'm frustrated at something (usually the airbrush) or at the fact of not being able to find time, she has to share that as well. For better or for worse? Definitely! 

Since I started finishing models earlier this year, she has graciously emptied several cupboards, so I can display finished models (which isn't many at the moment).

Slowly but steadily, I have taken over her entire desk as well (mine is already full of "computer-stuff"). Yes, it's a clutter and contains at least 5 models in various stages of completion, but I've already decided for myself to reduce the amount of simultaneous projects.

Pretty soon, though, she'll be getting her own desk again and this one will move to an adjacent room. Honey, if you're reading this : I promise!

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  1. Great post! It's always important to have support in our hobbies and passions :)

  2. Awesome post! Good to see you have the support! Also, I really dig that display case. Need one for myself...

  3. Great to see you get the support of your other half.