Sunday 1 September 2013

Starfury - Priming

The Starfury has been on hold for far too long, so I started priming it this week. The body is primed in grey, the rear thrusters and associated fins primed in black.

I handpainted the thruster nozzles and recessed details on the fins with silver. The idea was to lightly "mist" the basecoat over this, so the thrusters would be darker than the body and the silver effect would shine through in the details.

I see the term "misting" often enough, in several methods. The idea is to spray a heavily diluted paint over the entire body, covering it with the tiniest possible layer of paint, so everything is still it's original colour, but somewhat toned down.

  1. After a three-tone camouflage, to blend the colours and soften the contrast. 
  2. After you've pre-shaded the panel lines and other details, the base coat needs to be very thin, so the pre-shading can shine through. 

Alas, my first attempt at "misting" paint was not what I had hoped. The paint-droplets intended as mist were way too big to even suggest the idea of light coverage, so all I could do was spray it all up in one fully covering coat of grey.
I'll have to practice some more on getting the paint to the right consistency. Its difficult enough to spray normally sometimes, so this is going to be a challenge.


  1. Good Blog glad I found it.
    If I may; misting = low air pressure, diluted paint (think nearly a wash), and enough distance (subject to airbrush) to allow the mist to hit the subject.
    It 's not necessarily a fast procedure, abit more deliberate- but shouldn't take very long either.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it out next time. It's a handy skill to have since it's needed on all kinds of models (except maybe shiny cars).