Who & What?

Who am I?

I'm Jeroen, 40-something and live in Ghent, Belgium.

I started making plastic models at about 12 and did so for roughly 10 years. It started out with planes and then switched to science fiction (Star trek & Star Wars mainly). Pictures of my older models can be found here.

I picked up the hobby again in the summer of 2012 after a visit to Normandy, where seeing all the historical diorama's rekindled an old interest.

What is this blog (and what to expect)?

I created this blog mainly as a sort of diary, logging all modelling progress with pictures.
  • For myself, just to be able to look back in several years and remember all I did.
  • For my family and friends, so they can follow what I'm doing.
  • For any fellow modeller out there, who cares to take an interest.
I'm just a hobbyist, not an expert. I' m not in it to win awards with my models. My posts are about trying techniques I've read about or just trying out something myself. I'm just logging my successes and failures, and if any modeller occasionally learns something from these pages, that's just an added bonus.

You should find weekly posts with the progress on one model or another, or the occasional frustrated rambling about the airbrush. There may be gaps in time, but - in general - there should be a steady flow.

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