Sunday 2 May 2021

BSG - Complete

The Galactica is now ready to join the two Viper sisters in the bookshelf. They'd have something to land on, if there wasn't a small difference in scale of a factor 60.

Kit: Battlestar Galactica
Scale: 1/4105
Manufacturer: Moebius Models
Price: ~40 (can't remember exactly)
Number of parts: 69
Time spent: 15 hours
Project completion time: 1 year

I contemplated having a friend 3D print a few mini-vipers to put in the landing bay, but they would be too small to print. And my non-existing sculpting skills weren't up to the task.

Paint: (mostly Vallejo)

  • As usual the model was primed with AMMO One-shot primer (i.e. rebranded Stynylrez) as I no longer use the Vallejo primers.
  • Armour plating was randomly painted black, white and grey for contrast. (Dark seagreen and Pale grey blue, but it doesn't really matter)
  • Overcoated with a mix of lightgray and steel for a slightly metallic look.
  • Insignia red for the stripes
  • Gold for the base

Other products:

  • Alclad II klear kote. Last time I use this, as it's difficult to spray and switching to MRP clears seems a better solution.
  • AMMO shader "starship filth"
  • AMMO panel line wash (black)

A must-have for any sci-fi model builder. Assembly is easy, without issues (or if there were any, they were so minor, I've forgotten them). The forward facing antenna broke off during the last painting stage. Be careful with that.

The cannons could do with a higher detail replacement, but I'm not one to use aftermarket stuff unless really needed.

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