Friday 13 September 2013

Ford Shelby - Almost finished

With at least 6 layers of gloss, the Ford is finally starting to feel and look shiny, so I can finally proceed towards the final assembly. The clear insert that makes up the front and rear windshield is one piece, glued against the roof of the car. It wouldn't sit flush, so I clamped it down. I added a piece of tissue to prevent the clamps from scratching the roof.

I should have added more paper or a thicker piece of cloth, because the clamps made deep rectangular indentations in the roof :-(. I guess it takes a lot longer for the varnish to truely harden 100%.

Clearly visible in real life, but it requires a sharp eye to spot the faults in the pictures, so here's the finished result. After taking the pictures, I masked all but the roof and sanded the varnish as far as it would go without damaging the colour. I'll add new varnish next visit to the workbench.

For now, here are the pictures. I'll try to make better ones for the final post.


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    1. I don't intend to do many model cars, but I really LOVE this car, so I just had to have a model version of it :-)