Saturday, 12 October 2013

M60 - Base progress

I tried highlighting the higher parts of the base with a lighter colour. I used Vallejo "Iraqi sand". I tried this using the black nozzle on my new Aztek airbrush. It's meant for "detail work", whereas the white one I used earlier is meant for "high flow".

This smaller needle does indeed provide a lot more control over the amount of paint, but I'll be needing to thin the paint a little because straight from the bottle it doesn't flow nicely all the time.

The result is okay, as my intent was to make the overall impression a little lighter. There are some clearly defined streaks here and there, which I'll try to get rid of later.

I'm not sure how to proceed yet. I'll try some drybrushing (to make the lines blur more in the overall colour toning), a mud wash in certain area's and there's also pigments to experiment with further.

As requested by Nick, a picture of the base WITH the tank. The contrast is still very high, but there's enough work to be done on the tank itself :

  • add streaks to sloped and vertical surfaces
  • add (a lot of) mud to tracks, wheels and bulldozer blade
  • remove the glossy look


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