Saturday 15 March 2014

DIY photo booth

Far from happy with my photography skills upp until now, I finally made some time to try and do better. I took a transparent IKEA storage box, placed in a big sheet of white paper and aimed some lamps at it.

My desk lamp is bright and white, but I want light to come from all directions. The little lamps on the sides are also IKEA (we have TONS of IKEA stuff at home). The lamps are supposed to be aimed at the sides of the box, so the light is filtered and diffuse, to avoid lens spots on the model. But their brightness is inadequate for this purpose. 

This setup yielded far better close-up pictures than ever before, so it's definitely a big step forward. I'll just need to invest in some brighter lamps.

It required some fiddling with my camera's settings and I have yet to find the perfect configuration, but I'm very happy with today's results.


  1. Good idea with the storage box, not one I had thought of using.

    1. It was actually a friend's idea.
      He has no interest in modelling but a lot more experience than me when it comes to photography. He saw my models in the display case, I showed him my pictures and he suggested making a photo-booth with the stuff lying around the room.
      Guess it pays to show off your collection to visiting friends!