Thursday, 25 September 2014

Painting an entire castle

It was about time I spent some more time on our medieval castle.
The pink interior for the "wizard tower" (female gnome mage with a Hello Kitty fixation) turned out REALLY pink, almost to the point of not being able to look right at it. Since it will be concealed and only visible through the windows, it may not be that bad though. After painting the doors, I closed the tower up and attached it to the main keep.

One of the merlons on top of the battlements had to make room for an extra watchtower. I wanted to avoid it being visible through the narrow window slits. Power tools for the win!

Some serious gaps here and there where attacked with Tamiya putty. I put down tape alongside both sides of the gap (to protect the plastic from the rather abrasive putty), spread putty liberally, then lightly spread it down with a spatula. I removed the tape immediately after, to have a clean line and to avoid breaking the dry putty afterwards.

A couple of hours of cutting and gluing in front of the television (finally watching Numb3rs now), we also have a gatehouse (with functional drawbridge, portcullis and double doors) and a raised walkway.

3-4 hours of priming and painting later, we have the result below. Windows and doors are taped from the inside, to protect the light grey interior. I deliberately sprayed the yellow/grey in uneven layers, to attempt to get some slight colour variation. Under harsh light, it looks a bit weird, but I'm hoping further washes will modify the intensity anyway. I used 70% Dark Yellow and 30% US Grey (Vallejo).

Next up : finding a good colour combo for the roof tiles. I'm thinking a mix of Hull red (which is very brown red) with a few drops of Scarlet red. I try to work with the colours I have available, instead of just keeping on adding more and more different paint bottles that never get used more than 20% anyway.

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  1. Yeah, pink , wow! not the first color for a castle I would have thought of , but then again why not? Female gnome mages with a Hello Kitty fixation, need to live somewhere. LOL


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