Sunday, 7 June 2015

Chinook - Finished

This one was as good as finished in september 2014, but kept sitting on the bench, because I wanted to add some finishing touches. I wanted to tone down the overall colours with some fine dusting and also add some staining behind the exhausts.

I used AK Interactive "Dust effects", diluted with white spirit and applied with the airbrush. It could have been more carefully applied, and managed to creep under some of the decals, actually accentuating the carrier film. Oh well ...
For the exhaust stains I used black oil paint and earth-coloured pigments. Not entirely to my satisfaction, but if you don't go too close, it looks as intended.

Kit : CH-47D Chinook HC.Mk1
Scale : 1/72
Manufacturer : Revell
Price : around €10 (second-hand)
Number of parts : 126
Time spent : 32.5 hours
Project completion time : 14 months
Paint : (Vallejo)
  • Black primer
  • Pale grey blue (71.046) - Base coat
  • Gunship green (71.014) - Green "stripes"
  • US Grey (71.046) - Interior
  • Scarlet red (71.003) - Outside + seats
  • Black grey (71.056) - Rotor blades (better than black)
Other products :
  • Alclad II klear kote (semi-matte) as varnish
  • AK Interactive "Dust effects"
  • AK Interactive "Dark earth" & "European earth" pigments
  • Mig productions Abteilung 502 "Starship filth"
  • Evergreen styrene strips and rods, Tamiya masking tape for scratch-building the interior seats.
Findings or issues?

A beautiful model of an impressive machine. Fit issues when closing the hull and later the bottom, but nothing a modeller with a few models under his belt shouldn't be able to solve through patient filling and sanding. The cockpit needed major surgery to close.
I didn't dare use the provided decals for the large black&red strips, so painted them instead.

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