Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Workbench upgrade

I've posted pictures of the workbench before, as well as the comments it received from SWMBO. I use my regular PC-desk for day-to-day assembly and brush-painting, but all the spare parts are slowly invading valuable keyboard- and mouse-space.
I have a second desk in the guestroom, that I don't use anymore, but is still cluttered with various tools and paints.
And of course, in the attic, is my airbrush-desk, which contains the most clutter.

After 6 years, we finally decided to put a floor in the attic and clean it up a bit, i.e. evaluate what to keep and what to toss. The below 3 pictures capture the transformation.

I now have a new desk (free, because they were giving them away at work to whoever wanted to transport them), a new chair (free, same scenario, but at my daughter's school) and finally a decent place to store all my paint, glue, pigments, varnishes, and whatnot.

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