Monday 1 January 2018

The Sprue Cutters Union is back!

The Sprue Cutters Union is back! I can think of no better way to :

- Wish you a Happy New Year!
- Start building models again
- Start blogging again

- Where have you improved the most in the past year? -

It's hard to think of an area I've improved in this year, not having done more than a couple of hours over the entire year.

Having gone through a divorce and moving out to a (small) appartement, I'd say I've learned the following:

1. Planning

Not having a lot of room and/or storage space in the new (temporary) appartement, I left most of my modelling stuff at my old place, only taking the bare necessities for ONE model I planned to tackle.

After 3 separate trips before I had all the tools and colours and stuff, I started to think further ahead and optimize the going back and forth.

2. Improvisation

For the same reason (lack of space), airbrushing was gonna be a tad difficult, but I saw a lot of potential in one of the boxes left over from buying new furniture. Meet my new spraybooth!

3. Perseverance

Not sure where it went wrong. The instructions were weird and I took a wrong turn somewhere. Some parts ended up in the wrong spot, but since the ropes were added MUCH later, this only become apparent very far into the build.

Initially, I told myself I could live with it, nobody of my friends would notice and those who did would get credit for perception.

Further along the painting process, it started to nag at me and it got as far as not wanting to continue the build anymore.

So, finally (a few months later), I decided to cut out the offending pieces and correct it.

The build is finished, it just needs a couple of touches of paint and then the dreaded rigging will start.

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  1. Hey Jeroen sorry to hear your news, never much fun and i have experienced this first hand myself. It is hard working in cramped areas but it looks like you are managing well. Looks like your perseverance has paid off well and you are on the home stretch, if it had of been me this would still be back in the box...hahaha