Saturday 25 August 2012

My first tank

Since the kits I want to assemble are rather expensive (international shipping costs) or impossible to find anymore, I decided to buy a few small and cheap kits to practice airbrushing. I decided to start with a tank, with camouflage pattern, since that would be a good test of freehand airbrushing.

I bought the cheapest one I could find (6 euro) in a local shop and ended up with Revells' 1:72 M60 A3 (with Bulldozer blade). My initial intent to buy a snap-together tank ended instead with a mini-tank with dozens of miniature parts, but that just made the challenge more interesting.

Still lacking an airbrush, I decided to start assembly as far as I could until I would have to start painting or masking would become impossible.

The tank comes in 5 frames, details appear to be very nice. The instructions seem very clear, but I read them from start to end at least 2-3 times, to make sure I understood the complete assembly before I removed the first part from the frame.
Past experience tought me to be very certain about what goes where. Some kits have mislabeled parts. If these parts look alike, it's easy to cut off the wrong one, which is guaranteed to end up misplaced (only if they're tiny, in accordance with Murphy's law).

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