Wednesday 19 September 2012

Treasure hunt - Part 2

Box 2 contained my Star Wars models (and 1 stray Star Trek), bringing the number of uncovered models so far to 16. One box remaining, but I kept the biggest for last.

The infamous Millennium Falcon. 
I got this kit at an airshow and it was my first Star Wars kit. The cut-away section is a very nice detail.

Darth Vader's Tie fighter.

An "AT-AT" (All Terrain Armoured Transport). The box comes with 2 snowspeeders and rebel base turrets, so it's just begging to be put in a diorama. (Would be fairly easy, since it's snow all around).

Luke Skywalker's X-Wing. 
The wings can fold together for hyperspace jumps or as portrayed for attack mode.

Shuttle Tydirium, used to transport Darth Vader. The "wings" fold up and the cockpit rolls away to make place for the walking plank, with Darth Vader at the door. 
I didn't bother installing the landing gear and doors for the picture.

Imperial star destroyer. Seems I painted this flat grey, so this is one of my old kits begging for a paintjob upgrade.

U.S.S. Reliant, from Star Trek II - The wrath of Khan. The larger decals are discoloured. I don't know if they were like this from the start or became like this over time. Future models shouldn't have this problem, since I plan on coating them all with a clear finishing layer.

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