Saturday 6 October 2012

Repairing the Enterprise-C (part 2)

Now that I have made a mold to repair the missing section, it's time to put it in place and fill it.

I taped the mold in place over the gap, trying to align all the surface detail. Then I mixed some "hard plaster" and poured that into the opening. I probably should have gone with some kind of resin, but the plaster was what I had lying around.

My first attempt was too thin and brittle and the mold was not tightly secured. If you pour 2-3mm of plaster, you end up with a cast of about 1-2mm since all the particles sink to the bottom and the water evaporates.
On the second attempt, I doubled the amount, which turned out as I wanted it.

First attempt                                   Second attempt

Now I just need to fill the gaps and see how well it responds to paint.

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