Sunday 6 January 2013

Finished : Academy 1/144 Sepecat Jaguar

After a 10-year break in scale modelling, I re-started my old-time hobby in september 2012. 
Because I needed to learn new techniques (airbrushing, for instance), I started small with this 1/144 scale Jaguar. It's really tiny, which was a challenge in itself, even though I only bought it because it had a camouflage pattern and I wanted to try that out with an airbrush.

Because I'm working on 7 models at the same time and I had to wait almost 2 months for my airbrush to arrive, it took a long time to complete, but here is the result.
It won't be an award-winner because the paintjob is a bit messy, the landing gear is crooked and the canopy is foggy, but I'm happy to declare this my first finished project.

Price : € 3.95
Number of parts : 36
Time spent : about 7 hours
Project completion time : 4 months

This was the intended camouflage-scheme. 
The endresult is not identical, but recognizable.

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