Tuesday 5 March 2013

Testing another airbrush

At the monthly IPMS meeting, one of the members brought his airbrush for others to try out and toy around with. There are many members new to airbrushing (including me), so this was the ideal opportunity to test a new or different model.

It was a bottom feed but I doubt that changes much. It sprayed a lot less paint than my own, but it did it consistently. The most important thing I noticed is that it just sat there, used by different persons during at least 5 minutes and dry-tip never occured. He was spraying Tamiya acrylics, thinned with water. It's difficult to say if it's better paint or just a better airbrush. There's so many variables to play around with, it's hard to find which combo is most effective.

Got some new tips and ideas to play around with for the next airbrush session. Mainly : more thinning and thinning with water (so far, I only thinned with the Vallejo thinner).

I'll try not to let it rest another 2 months. As long as 50% of what I'm doing looks good, I must not see it as a half-failed session, but as practice. It's a difficult tool to get to know, so I shouldn't quit after a mere 20 hours of practicing.

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