Thursday 11 July 2013

A whole lotta masking

I finally finished masking all the small lines that will be all over the nacelles. The left and right nacelles won't be 100% symmetrical, because I'm starting to become cross-eyed after 2 hours of placing tape, but since they're at least 20 cm apart on the model, nobody will notice a few millimeter-discrepancies.

On the very last part, I switched tactic. Instead of placing small strips, strips and more strips of tape, I masked the entire part with 3 wide strips and started cutting the desired shapes in the tape. The tricky part is not to cut too deep, so you don't scar the plastic under the tape. Let's just say it was nearing midnight and I needed to get it over and done with.
My free-hand cutting isn't as precise as I'd like and the lines aren't as straight as on the other parts. It's a lot easier to place and replace tape until it's right, but you only get one chance to cut a straight line.

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