Saturday 15 March 2014

M60 - Finished

Revell's 1/72 scale M60 with M9 bulldozer (kit 03175) was the first model I started in over 10 years, now at least a year and a half ago. I got sidetracked into other projects a dozen times already and it kept feeling incomplete until I finally finished it this week.

The barbed wire was placed on the base, I did some final dusting with pigments on the upper surfaces and a heavy application of MIG's pigment fixer on the layers of mud on the lower side. It is now close to how I imagined it and time to call this project finished.

Price : €6
Number of parts : 211
Time spent : 21.5 hours
Project completion time : 19 months (embarassingly long, I know)

Paint : (Vallejo)

  • Black and grey primer
  • Tank dark yellow (71.081) - Base colour
  • Tank green (71.011) - Green camo
  • Black - Camo
  • White (71.001) - Camo
  • Silver and red for head- and taillights

Other :

  • Alclad II clear kote flat
  • Hard plaster for the base (and mixed with pigments for the mud)
  • Insect screen (mesh) for the barbed wire
  • AK 023 - Dark mud (wash)
  • AK 041 North Africa dust (pigment)
  • AK 042 European earth (pigment)
  • AK 081 Dark earth (pigment)
  • Vallejo water effects for the puddles (just an experiment)

And more pictures :


  1. Lovely work Joroen, everything just looks so good.

  2. Joroen,
    fine finish (? finally finished?) -whatever- LOL.
    Outstanding work; The base,The mud on and off the tank, is great; The colours are subtle and show very well a "working tank".
    Your barb wire "how to" and use on the base is brilliant.
    The experiment with the Vallejo water effects is a good start. Might I suggest that next time the water in such a place as shown, might be more brown/mud colored?
    Regardless a very impressive job of work and a pleasure to look at. -thumbs up-

    1. Thanks for the comment!
      The water should indeed have been muddied up a bit. The first attempt kept looking iffy, and I just kept adding and adding the gel, until it was too late to realize I should have added a touch of brown.