Thursday 25 September 2014

Detailing Chinook rotors

The Chinook is as good as finished, so I took it to a local IPMS-meeting to show off the scratch-build interior (at least, what CAN be seen through the rear hatch) and maybe get some feedback and/or tips.

One person remarked I did a lousy job on the rotors, while those parts actually look nicely detailed. He was right : I had just lazily sprayed it all black and hadn't put more thought in it.

So, I resprayed the middle in Vallejo black grey, then dry-brushed over the raised details with a lightened shade of German grey. When dry, I applied Black glaze to remove the "Hey, look, we're brand new and unused!" look.
While doing the glaze, I also coated the entire blades with a very thin layer, to make it a little duller. (The same effect might have been achieved with some matte varnish.)

Next up is trying to do some light weathering on the entire kit and attempting to do some exhaust staining behind the engines. I'll be trying to achieve this with oil paint for the first time. Wish me luck!

Below a picture of both rotors. The above one has had the blades treated, the other is still awaiting it's glaze layer.


  1. Nice work and the differences looks subtle but effective Jeroen, nice work mate.

  2. Such a big improvement. It is good the criticism, was able help you improve an already good looking build and not sour you on the person saying it.