Tuesday 6 October 2015

AC130H - Lousy decals

I forgot to post progress about the closed-up, all-painted-up plane, but you'll see all about it in the next/last post, when it's finished (or you've seen sneak previews already on Facebook).

Anyway, we arrived at the decal stage, where everything went reasonably well. I cut the decals in advance and measured if it would all fit. I didn't measure well enough however, because I ended up about 2cm short on each wing.

Not a problem, I hear you? Just paint the missing part, right? Right?!

Well, I taped up a nice stripe to cross the tiny gaps, only the remove the decals with the tape after painting. I've never had issues with decals lifting with Tamiya tape. Either I was lucky until now, or these decals have had their best day. (I have no idea how old they are).

The best way to handle this, was remove the broken parts altogether and paint what's missing. Luckily I now know a handy way to remove decals! /grumble

So, you know the drill : tape, paint, wait, and CAREFULLY remove the tape. All went well except for the last piece of tape (of course!). I lost my patience and just grabbed my trusty Posca black ink pencil.


  1. Looking good Jeroen and i do like what look like Alien heads on the wing area in the plastic....is that a special touch? Panel lines are looking great.

    1. Alien heads, lol! I had the exact same thought. I guess they're fuel caps or something.