Thursday 20 October 2016

Dare to try

Hmm, no posts in 3 months? Somebody's been a bad boy!

What have I been up to? Painting the Merkava (and halting just before the weathering step), building the T-55 (no paint yet) aaand ... not much else. Don't worry, it's just another modelling hiatus. It happens.

I'm painting a hockey mask for Halloween. Getting re-acquainted with the airbrush and it went from wonderful to really bad, just like I remembered. Then the trigger started to jam and it was all over.

Last time this happened, I sent it to the States for a cleanup. No way was I to open it up myself or void the warranty. Scared little weasel that I was, I complied. Well, they did clean it up and sent it back, so I'm grateful for the excellent (free) service. But it did get lost in transit for a couple of long, scary weeks.

Anyway, when it returned all squeaky clean, I could see where they had pried it open (voided warranty, my @ss), so when it was time for another cleanup, I just bit the bullet and opened it up.
It just pries open from the back to the front. It doesn't look too complicated, but I was precautious and took a picture before complete disassembly.

Some acetone and some elbow grease and it looks shiny as new. Well, no, but all the gunk is gone. And there was a LOT of gunk.

It's now drying. I haven't tested it yet, but I'm confident. (famous last words?)

Here's the mask I'm painting. It's a $2 white hockey mask, that I attacked with sanding paper, a dremel, black primer, german grey and a thick coat of matt varnish.

Next up : heavy chipping fluid and aluminium. Then the actual chipping and a black wash.

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  1. So, you opened the airbrush yourself (insert loud applause)- most commendable, brave and fearless to fly in the face of the manufactures edicts. It also, gets the thing Done, in less time and less expensively (in money and nerves). The mask looks just fine at this stage. Just be careful of anybody named Jason asking to borrow it. Cheers