Wednesday 20 May 2020

PL-01 - Transparent parts

I like using liquid latex for masking weird shapes. Today, I masked the lenses and what-nots on the transparent pieces.

My go-to Humbrol Maskol hadn't been used in many years and the entire bottle had turned to rubber (go figure!). Buying Maskol online (or something resembling it) always costs you more shipping costs than the actual product is worth, but the local party shop also has liquid latex, albeit for a different application. The shop clerk was interested to see the result :-).

I have - in the mean time - replenished my Maskol supply from a model train store I just happened to pass in Aachen (Germany).


  1. Interesting idea. How did you find using it?

    1. You mean the makeup latex? It's slightly less liquid than the Maskol, which makes it good for this application, as you really want the mask to "bead up" a bit. (as in, surface tension)

      If it's too thin, it tears when removing, so you want a think layer, but if it's too liquid, it goes all over the place.

      For larger applications (e.g. 3-tone camouflage) I'd stick with the Maskol.