Saturday 13 June 2020

BSG - Battlestar Galactica

I bought this kit years ago, as soon as I found out it existed. Ordered it from Moebius together with the Mk VII Colonial Viper, which I finished last year.

Not sure why I suddenly decided to start it, but I think with the Falcon finished and the PL-01 entering the decalling stage, I felt the itch to start something new.

This should be a simple and straightforward build. I'm not going to bother super-detailing between the armoured ribs, like some peope tend to do. I'm also not going to convert the starboard pylon to a museum, as portrayed in the series. I guess I'll be building here in an earlier stage of her career.

There aren't that many parts, which is not unusual for Sci-Fi kits. There's roughly 60 parts and the cannons make up a large portion of them.

Decal-wise, there's also not much. 3 times the name Galactica, a logo for on the back and 2 long decals for the inside of the pylons, which will mostly be invisible. But they're a very nice tough.
The kit includes a sturdy metal rod to hold het up above the display stand.

The inside of all parts are rife with stubs from the sprue-pooring process. While lucky they're on the INside, they need to be removed to be able to close evertyhing up.

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  1. Looks like a fun build. Ya know about the those stubs, ya could take 'em and carve each one into a space suited figure, an' have 'em working/ floating on the outside of the ship--- then again, maybe not. ;-)