Sunday 26 July 2020

BSG - Painting

Finishing assembly of the Galactica was easy and fast. There aren't too many pieces and they fit together very well.

I've left the model in separate sub-assemblies, as that makes painting a little easier. The assemblies fit together well and, more importantly, well hidden. The locator tabs are big, sturdy and sandwiched deep between the parts, by which I mean it'll be easy to apply ample glue and not see it being squished out from in between. 

I'm not a huge fan of the decals so far. They become brittle very fast and were a pain to position somewhat correctly. The most visible part of them is at  both ends, where you want the strips to be perfectly center on the bay entrance. Doing so, moves other parts of the decal over the gap where the top half of the pylon will be glued.

I primed the model black, then sprayed all armour panelling white, added dark-grey highlights on them and light grey highlights on more of the black parts.

The idea was to go over it with a fine mist of grey until the build up was to my satisfaction. It was only a partial success, as the trick to successfully airbrushing highly thinned grey still eludes me most of the time.

Painting the base gold/black was an exercise in patience as well.

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