Tuesday 22 October 2013

Enterprise-C - Details

I've been handpainting some of the details on the Enteprise-C. I really need to practice holding my hands steady, assuming I'll ever learn.

I painted the escape pods in a colour that just felt right. I used flat yellow (Vallejo), added a tiny pinch of Ferrari red (Revell) to make it orange-ish, then added a lot of white to tone it down. It's really close to what I was aiming for.

The phaser banks are "black grey" (Vallejo model colour), slightly darker than intended, but happy with them anyway. I discovered black grey as a colour from a fellow modeller at a IPMS meeting. It's not as in-your-face as true black, which is rather shiny even when claimed to be matt.

I did not fancy painting all those little windows, so I used markers. I used Posca's PC-1MR, which has a 0.7mm tip. Still slightly on the wide side for the really small windows, but close enough.

In a close-up shot, with too much flash, the windows really stand out a little TOO much. My hope is it'll be less accentuated in normal light and with a layer of matt varnish. It's also easy to spot where my hand started shaking a bit.

Next up is finding more little details to paint - like maybe navigation lights - followed by a layer of varnish, the dreaded decals (which are very old, so fingers crossed) and then final assembly.

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