Saturday 12 October 2013

Ford Shelby - Finished

After ruining the roof's varnish during final assembly, I let it rest a month, before I masked it up again and gave the roof a (very heavy) layer of varnish. Some dust got into the varnish and the regular painter's tape I started using recently for bigger surfaces (to cut cost on the more expensive Tamiya tape) left some glue residue on the hood.

Because model cars were never my thing in the first place, I'm calling this one finished and gave it a place in my display case.

Price : € 9,95
Number of parts : 44
Time spent : 5.5 hours
Project completion time : 40 days

Paint : (Vallejo)
  • White primer
  • White
  • Black (skirts and details)
  • Insignia blue (stripes)
  • Aluminium (details on the underside)
  • (Revell) Ferrari red (taillight details)
Other :
  • Tamiya X-22 gloss varnish
  • Tamiya lacquer thinner (to thin the varnish)
  • MicroScale Kristal Klear
    I used this to simulate the glass in the rear view mirrors, over a little piece of aluminium foil. The result is not to my liking, which is why I didnt take a close-up shot of the mirrors. This has nothing to do with the product itself, tough.

1 comment:

  1. Great job and a nice quick job, bar the months break.....Very cool car i like it a lot.