Wednesday 29 January 2014

Armoured trains and stuff

I very recently started construction on Trumpeter's Panzerjägerwagen, which I bought second-hand at a convention. I'll be posting more as soon as I have time to glue more than 2 pieces together.

I started googling the BP44 (the German train of which this is just one of many wagons) and found out only 8 were built. I found a picture of a fully assembled train by creator Mark Deliduka. I don't know how long it took and where he got all the model kits, but it is very impressive.

Considering the space needed for the entire train, it's not a project I'm eager to dive into, although it's a subject I really like.

Browsing the web looking for what kits might be available within this genre, I ran into more of Trumpeter's offerings, namely the 280mm Leopold railroad gun and the Mörser Karl, both shown below. They are a bit pricey, but if I can make it through the next 4 or 5 stashed kits, and they still appeal to me, they might become part of my collection.


  1. I believe this is from Mark Deliduka (scroll to last picture)
    and he posted it on Fine Scale Modeler Forum (as Duke Maddog) as well.
    Regardless, you're correct it is an impressive construction project.

    1. Edited in Mark's name. Credit where credit is due!

  2. I have Leopold, it's fantastic kit!
    It's very complex model, but you won't regret :)