Thursday 29 May 2014

Chinook - Progress report

Just a quick update on the Chinook. I finished 2 more sets of seats and primed them black, because I don't know how well the paint will stick to the Evergreen styrene without it. A first coat of Scarlet Red was too wet, so a second will be added later.

I also spend some time masking the canopy. Everybody loves canopy-masking, right?


  1. Nice masking, I'm sure it was lots of fun.
    I like the seats, they look "red-dee" ] ;-) to use - sorry couldn't help myself, American English is so fun to play with. LOL

    1. You're a veritable word-artist! :-)

      The seats are ready to be installed, but the kit really wasn't designed to add stuff inside. The hull closes up in 3 parts and is really tiny. I'll be testing my patience adding it all inside.