Tuesday 27 May 2014

Sprue Cutters Union 29: While you are out

The Union is back! Just a small change : assignments will be monthly instead of weekly. Kudos to Jon for finding a way to bring the Union back, even though his work and modelling schedule were drastically changed (and reduced).

- How do you stay in the hobby when you're away from the bench? -

I'm not a super-active modeller. Sometimes weeks go by without a visit to the workbench and I do believe it's been over 2 months now. That's actually way too long if I ever hope to at least pretend to finish some of my stash, which is why I continued work on the Chinook a few days ago.

This is actually an important role of the Union (for me personally, at least) : triggering the urge to have something to write about and dragging me back to the workbench.

What do I do when away from the workbench?
When not playing or preparing for AD&D, playing Diablo or just catching up on NCIS or Hawaii Five-0, I do most of my modelling-related research and preparation a few minutes in-between stuff at work or in a spare moment.
  • Googling pictures of one of my current projects, either to make sure I'm going to use the right colours or finding inspiration for a paint-scheme.
  • Looking up articles on a new technique I want to try (currently : filters)
  • Reading all your blogs and watching a lot of pictures in general. Facebook is the easiest way as you just keep scrolling and model after model passes by. I keep finding inspiration, be it a technique, a tool, a kit or a setup. Not sure when I'll put it all in practice, but I have a lot scheduled for "one day".
  • Taking and replenishing inventory : tools, paint or whatever. Ordering Evergreen stuff online in preparation of some scratchbuilding I intend to do. I hate when you sit down at the bench, only to discover you're missing something or ran out of a specific colour.

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  1. Oh yes how i agree with the running out of items, for me it is usually while airbrushing....
    Welcome back to the bench?