Thursday 21 August 2014

Family project

For my next project, we'll be building a Durlang 1/1 scale tower. I will be assisted by my brother and my father.
Yes, it's a playtower, with 2 swings and a slide :-).

The parts feature finely engraved details, a very realistic wood-grain and are cast in lifelike wooden colours. Regular glue or cement are inadequate for connecting these parts, but screws, nuts and bults are provided in the kit, which is a nice detail.


  • No locator tabs, except for the holes for the largest bolts.
  • Minor warping on parts longer than 1 or 2 meter. Some force can be applied while screwing pieces together, so it's an easy fix.
  • Minor fit issues with parts being 1 cm too long or too short. Hardly noticeable in this scale.
  • We ran out of concrete before filling the last hole, and had to rush to the store.
  • Step 13 mentions you should use 2 screws of type 6, but they should be type 5. If you do not catch this early enough, you have to either take a big piece apart again, or find spare screws of the correct type. The aftermarket for this kind of kits is huge, cheap and readily available just about anywhere.
  • My (motorized) screwdriver ran out of juice when attaching the final 7 screws, so we had to wait half an hour to get it reloaded just enough to finish the job and call it a day.
  • My back hurts.

Inserting the walls. It's starting to look the part.

Mixing cement. Only 10 wheelbarrows to go.

First durability-test in our typical Belgian weather

The roof-boards fit poorly, but can be persuaded a bit.

The last screws go in the roof.

Granddad showing off, Hercules-style

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