Sunday 24 August 2014

Shortest project ever

And it's done! Certainly a fun "little" project, but also the first kit that tried to ruin my back.
The whole family is happy with it. Even the cats use it to shelter from the rain while still being able to peek inside the house to see if there's any movement.

Number of parts : 184 wooden beams and planks  + 411 nuts, bolts and screws
Time spent : 15 hours
Number of assistants needed : 1 or 2
Project completion time : 9 days

Tools required : electric drill, electric screwdriver, hammer, #17 wrench, spirit level, spare drill bits.
Extra materials : 360 kg concrete mix, 2 swings


  1. Well I'm also sure it's the most popular kit you have built in the family eyes. Good job I may need your assistance in a couple of years when my little man is around four....