Friday 12 December 2014

Daddy's workbench - part 2

A little over 2 years ago, when I had just started this blog, I wrote that daddy's workbench also serves other purposes then making scale tanks or airplanes. Many of our tools can also be used to repair toys.

It started simple, with some simple wood glue to fix a Bumba puzzle, but my recently acquired skill of soldering (and the acquisition of the needed tools for it) has enlarged the range of possible repairs.

This little teacup's lid's handle had broken off, but wouldn't stay on with glue. A little tin (well, a lót actually) and a hot solder iron solved this, not only in mere seconds, but also for eternity. Unless, maybe if you drove over it with a truck.

Now, thát's a happy teapot, and - by the time school ends today - one over-the-moon toddler.

This Hello Kitty watering-can slash annoying-noise-maker has broken before and was fixed with CA glue. It wouldn't stay fixed, so I used a recent free sample of Loctite two-component glue. Fingers crossed ... (and yes, I have a little girl, how did you guess?)

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