Saturday 13 December 2014

Zubr class LCAC - new tool, wrong scale

About a year ago, I reported falling in love with the Russion navy's Zubr class LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion), but unfortunately the only existing kit was Dragon's 1/700, hard to find and stupidly expensive on Ebay for some reason. I wasn't really impressed by it anyway.

In the december 2014 issue of FSM (Fine Scale Modeler) a Zubr was listed in the new product section. At first, I got really excited, but this too turned out to be 1/700 scale. While this may be a nice scale for many ships, for this kit it results in a model of about 8 centimeter (3 inch).
Now, if this were available in any scale rendering a model around 30 centimeters (one foot), I'd be throwing my money at it.

This resin kit from Gwylan models includes photo-etch, decals and a paint mask.
It's very nice looking, but in my eyes more suitable as part of a larger diorama, than as a stand-alone model. Still a kick-ass hovercraft, though!

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