Wednesday 21 January 2015

Patriot radar - Part 1

I already announced that this kit would end up on the workbench very soon and indeed it has. The buildup is insanely quick, as there are only 73 parts. The larger parts are cleverly moulded in large single pieces. Some mould seams require cleaning up, but it's not that difficult and definitely worth the little extra effort.

One of the axle guides had broken off, but it's a sturdy piece, easily glued and repaired.

Big seams along many pieces, most prominently along the roof of the trailer. Easily fixed with putty and some sanding sticks.

After the small tragedy with paint lifting on one of the Vipers, I won't be fooled again into thinking you do not need to properly clean your parts. Some warm, soapy water and a good scrub should remove most mould release agents and greasy fingerprints. The pieces are left to air-dry on the stove overnight.

Halfway the painting stage, I ran out of Olive drab. Since the nearest hobby shop is about 45 minutes out in the wrong direction, it could take a few weeks before work can continue, which is a big bummer, as I had really intended this to be a quick build.


  1. Jeroen
    "... as I had really intended this to be a quick build."
    It IS a quick build........
    Its just a slow paint ;0) ; OK I'll go be good now.