Wednesday 28 January 2015

A trip to the LHS

A trip to the LHS is 40 minutes (and 40 back), so not lightly undertaken. But when your current build is halted due to an olive drab deficiency, you find ways to make it work. Hence a work-related trip to a client was worth a 15-minute detour to the hobbyshop.

Imagine my frustration when the only empty row in the entire Vallejo Model Air stand was .... do I need a drumroll? ... Olive drab. Son-of-a-....!

It was in stock in their ├│ther shop (1 hour, again in the wrong direction), but luckily I remembered that Vallejo also has smaller primer bottles in several colours, Olive drab being one of them. Those were in stock!

Primer is thicker than the normal paint, because of god knows which additives to make it stick better to plastic, but I did not intend to wait any longer. Fingers crossed its the same colour or close enough.


  1. Of COURSE it is the same color --if it's the only color you have, then it Has to be the correct one LOL ;0)

    would suggest some pre-painting trials of the color, for any deference between it and the usual paint to avoid too many surprises - after all your effort in getting this stuff

    1. Tried it yesterday and it's NOT the same shade of green. Not a huge problem, a fine coat over all the already painted parts solved that easily.