Saturday 21 February 2015

Time flies

I can't believe 4 weeks went by without any post. It's not that I've done nothing, but certainly not as much as I would've liked.

Where were we?

  • The patriot radar truck was being painted.
  • The Vipers had been painted and needed a coat of varnish.
  • I had finished the photo-etch on the Panzerjäger.
  • The Chinook was "finished" late september, but requires some light weathering.
  • The castle hasn't been touched since november, when I did some experimenting with oil paints.
Do you feel the disadvantage of not being able to focus on one kit?

So, if I haven't done nothing the past month, what HAVE I been doing?

Patriot Radar

Painting was finished, the entire thing was varnished and decals have been applied. The building instructions only mention where to place 15-20 decals, but many more are provided on the decal sheet. I guess I went a little crazy creative.


The Vipers both needed just a coat of varnish, before decaling. Because the Mark II is going to receive many big decals, I sanded the entire body extra smooth (Tamiya sanding paper, 1200-2000 grit) before I started with varnishing.
I've been experiencing issues with spraying the Alclad II varnishes lately, but if I thin it 50/50 with white spirit (or "mineral spirits") it sprays perfectly, more controlled and levels smoother. It does require at least 2 layers however.

The Mark II has been giving me troubles. First the paint lifted after I masked off the side engines. Then when everything was smooth and done (again), I dropped a big blob of glue on it when attaching the nose gear. Some harsh words could have been heard ...


With the photo-etch done, I primed it black, added a layer of chipping fluid, then the sand-coloured basecoat. I'm doing both the plastic and PE version to see if all the extra PE- trouble is really worth it in the end.


I finally convinced myself to finish the Chinook. I started with a very fine layer of AK dust effects, because I want to make the black and red less "in your face". The dust managed to creep under some of the decals, distorting the intended effect somewhat. I'll add another layer of matte varnish, then do some darkening aft of the exhausts. (and also some dust over the rotor blades)

Also some light dust effects on the Patriot truck, if you can spot it, near the bottom of the side thingies (fuel tanks?).


  1. Jereoen i would saying looking at what you have on the go you are a very busy man, you are also proff to what women say we cannot do, your multi tasking and doing more than one thing at a

  2. Wheew! I was worried you had won the lotto, taken a vacation, had so much fun you forgot to come back. But now I see all is well, except for glue spills, paint problems, dust going where it wants to ....Ahh modeling, is this a great hobby? or what ? ;-)

    1. If I HAD won the lottery, I would be quitting my job and log a whole lot of extra bench time. Not to mention, probably buy Dora (
      But thanks for worrying :-)