Wednesday 2 March 2016

Lunar module - Finished

Having reached the 90% spot mid-december, I once again found myself stuck on a model, unable to find the motivation to push through to the end. Wich is why the last 10% was finished - after a 2-month hiatus - with least possible effort. The Vallejo Metal Varnish actually made it worse in some parts and I won't be bothering to do extra paintwork on the astronauts.

Nevertheless, the kit served it's purpose as source of nostalgia for a long-lost model from my childhood and as a testbed for Vallejo's Metal Color range, which has impressed me (except for the varnish).

Kit: Lunar Module
Scale: 1/72
Manufacturer: Airfix
Price: €7 (second-hand)
Number of parts: 90
Time spent: 14 hours
Project completion time: 4 months

If you get to the last picture, you might think it's a varnishing-job gone horribly wrong, but it is in fact a recreation of micro-meteorite impacts. :-)

Materials used : (Paint = Vallejo)
  • Black primer
  • Metal Color - Duraluminium
  • Gold
  • German Grey (Pure black would have been too harsh)
  • Mix of Light Grey and Yellow Lazure for the base
  • Aluminium foil for the lower stage
  • Sand + white glue (diluted) for the base


  1. That turned out very nice. I have a soft spot for the Apollo program having grown up during that time period. I watched the first steps being taken on the moon, and I got hooked. I built a bunch of the space program kits as a kid, including a lunar module.
    Yours looks amazing. The gold is especially good.

    1. I wasn't around for the Apollo program, but got totally hooked on space in 1986 (I was 8), when there was an exhibit in Brussels. It got me into Sci-Fi and modelling.

    2. Wow... that makes me feel old. I was 8 in 1972!

  2. Jeroen I like how your model turned out. It has the look of that era, the colors give one the feeling of how it should have looked, micro-meteorite impacts and all.
    P.S. When my wife and I watched the Moon landing live on TV we were amazed at how far we had progressed and wondered, how much more advanced we would get.

    1. It looks like - as far as spacefaring is concerned - we have regressed instead of evolved. I'm anxious to see if it'll be in OUR lifetime if we see some giant leaps in science/technology again.