Monday 28 December 2015

2015 - Unfinished business

It's the end of 2015, and we've just passed the 300th post. At the end of 2013 (200 posts - a year in review), I had managed to make 200 posts in 18 months, meaning I've dropped from 11 per month to a measly 4.
Not that the number of posts is any indication about the quality of a blog, but it does reflect what I've been feeling : I've let it (the blog) and the hobby in general deteriorate a bit over the last year(s).
It's a tendency I detect in many things, be it a model kit, the garden or finishing the attic. Once past the half-way point, my interest starts to slip and it's difficult to find motivation to continue (let alone actually finish).
Luckily, at work, this tendency has no adverse affect on the quality of my work, as the people I work for know how to keep me motivated with a constant stream of new challenges. (Not always FUN challenges, but that's IT for ya)

Anyway, we're here to discuss modelling, not psychology, right?


In the course of 2015, I finished ONE model. I also finished one that I started in 2014. To be honest, it only needed minimal work.


I have 9 works-in-progress, but the space shuttle is looking more and more ready  to get tossed. Some parts are missing or damaged and some of the paintwork is over 20 years old and was badly done. If I ever want to finish a shuttle, I'd better just buy a new kit.

The remaining 8 are in various degrees of completion and presented below in most likely order of getting finished.

 1/72 Lunar module. Experimenting with Vallejo metal colour. Should be finished in a few weeks.

1/72 Colonial vipers, Mark II and VII. I wanted to do dot-filters with oil paint, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

From the New Year's meeting of IPMS Ghent, where we traditionally gift random stuff. Almost finished, except for some more weathering.

Haven't touched this 1/35 Panzerj├Ągerwagen since I finished soldering the PE-thingie for the turret. It was a lot of fun learning how to solder, but I got frustrated on other aspects of the build, mostly a) spraying the chipping fluid on too heavily, and b) experimenting with free-hand camouflage that didn't turn out as I had hoped. Currently in doubt if I should strip the paint of the turret or not.

1/72 Medival royal castle. Building this (ever so slowly) for my group of AD&D players. At least the keep is ready, so they have a place to sleep. Also developing skills on this model for weathering in general and using oil paints.

Starfury (from Babylon 5). Started this years ago (20?). Experimented on it with my first airbrush (which I never got to work properly), so finishing it should be easy actually ...

 USS Missouri. I don't really like ships, for some reason, but will finish it. Some day.


  1. Ah, my friend, you have reached the "some time"(s). This is a severe condition the will strike without warning and linger for an unspecified length of time. While there are many cures, for the condition- none have proven viable when transported across national boundaries. Therefor, the recommended back up cure, though less effective, is to go to a modeling show, hobby shop or online site and buy only 1 (one) thing that will only work on latest stalled project. Now you "have" to use it or you will have wasted your franc banknotes -er-Euros. And THAT my friend, would be unthinkable! See? Simples LOL

  2. You can look at it one way, you finished one!!! I find the same there are so many pressures from other ends that take our attention.