Wednesday 2 December 2015

Lunar module + Vallejo gloss black primer

First step in trying out Vallejo's new metallic colours, is seeing how well the accompanying gloss black primer behaves.

I can already tell you it sprays beautifully straight from the bottle. That may not sound surprising to you, as the entire Vallejo Model Air range and the primers is supposed to do so, but as I usually have to thin it 30-40% to get it right, this was an actual first. Low pressure and easy in the trigger.

In a quick few coats, the result is indeed very glossy, laying down what should be the perfect undercoat for their new metallic paint range.

Now THAT is glossy! 

I've wrapped some parts in aluminium foil and primed those as well. I haven't tested how durable the primer is when masking tape comes in the picture, but I'll let you know.

I'll be honest, sometimes I actually like the construction phase, especially when it's all fiddly bits. Getting on your knees to find them on the floor is the best!


  1. That looks excellent. I have not used any of Vallejo's colours. But your current results are getting my attention.

    1. Nice start and nise seeing you paint in gloss colours....hahaha
      Loved your comment about hands and knees....think we have all been there.