Sunday 13 December 2015

Lunar module - Basecoat Vallejo metal colours

I must say, I'm rather impressed with Vallejo's new range "Metal color". I only tried duraluminium, but others have tried most of the colours and they behave the same way.

It sprays almost like water, so easy on the trigger is the most important message I can give you. The result is very ... well, "metallic" is the best word to describe it. If I had polished the primer a bit, it would probably have looked even better. Metallic paints are very unforgiving for surface flaws.

The gold on the descent stage (picture below) is regular old "Model color" and sprays badly (old bottle? bad technique?). Result is okay and since it's on an irregular surface (aluminium foil), it's hardly noticeable.

For the landing legs (which I've wrapped in aluminium foil for the proper texture), I will admit there's something extremely dissatisfying about priming aluminium foil in black and then painting it aluminium. (Reason; other colours will follow)

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