Saturday 13 January 2018

A pink T-55! Why not?

Also late 2016, I was without modelling inspiration, so I asked my daughter what next I should build. She could pick anything from the stash (expect the really big ones), which ended up being Lindberg's 1/35 T-55.

Small detail : she wanted it to be pink.
I actually found a picture of a pink T-55, outside of the Museum of Contemporary History in Ljubljana (Slovenia). It was painted pink overnight (and flowers put in the barrel) on the eve of International Women's Day 2012.

Of course, during construction, another few good practices were meant to be embraced:

  • Always wash the sprues first, especially older kits (a lot of discussion about this, mainly the reason why I put it here :-))
  • Careful when removing (smaller) parts of the sprues.
  • Inspect wheel/axle alignment every minute until it's dry.

Construction finished, I went to work with black primer and Russian Green.

A layer of heavy chipping fluid, then pink and then toothpicks and brushes. Love the technique, hate the result.

It now looked truly hideous, which she did not fail to point out. I liked how she could honestly point at it and say "Daddy, you made it ugly!". She'd be a great SMCG member, no attaboys.

So, I went over it with several more fine layers of pink and now looks more the way I wanted it : multiple layers of distressed pink over a green base.
It needs some more weathering, maybe some fuel/oil stains and it'll be done.

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  1. Jeroen, Good to see you back. Now that you have an assistant-in-training, no doubt your modeling will have a whole new "look" šŸ¤£
    Keep well my friend and remember the glue streaks only show on the outside šŸ˜€