Saturday 13 January 2018

Passing (pushing?) a hobby to the next generation

Late in 2016, there was a trade/sale moment in our scale model club. Picked up Smer's KlikKlak version of a 1/48 model of an Mi-2 helicopter, Police version.

It's not that I like helicopters per se, or that it's a striking model, but it felt like something I could (easily/quickly) make as a first model with my daughter. It's not like I expected her to be interested more than half an hour and even that was probably pushing it.

She liked it well enough and it got her acquainted with the simpler steps of scale modelling :
  • snipping  the parts of the sprue instead of ripping and twisting like I did as a kid.
    (How about you? Admit it!)
  • applying glue (Tamiya extra-thin) carefully, not in blobs like I did with those Revell tubes.

She lost interest by the time the fuselage was assembled and smaller parts and rotors needed attaching. I finished it on my own.

Gotta say, what I expected to be a sheet of decals was - disappointingly - one big sticker, from which every symbol or stripe needed to be carefully cut. The parts that fit around the windows were specifically annoying.

Happy with the result! One year later and it still has a place on her bedroom cupboard.

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