Friday 23 April 2021

T-34/85 - assembly

Assembly of this kit is a breeze. It went so fast, I forgot to take intermediary pictures.

Note the battery symbols on the inside bottom. Many Tamiya kits have provisions for motorization, but I have yet to see a motor kit, nor do I trust they would be very durable.

This kit even comes with a track-tensioning system (Chieftain reference, if this means nothing to you). I improvised a cover for the nut, so it wouldn't fall off when accidentally screwed too far loose once it's closed up. (loosening the nut actually helps when trying to put on the rubber tracks after painting)

There are a number of parts that do not appear on the kit that DO appear on the tank I'm portraying.
Things of note:
  • (photo 1) added protective housing around the hole in the engine cover. I think it houses a convoy light, or at least I think I saw this in episode 3 of the tank-men and their dog.
  • (photo 2) added covered electrical leads for the (absent) smoke generators
  • (photo 2) added brackets to the back of the turret. These were used for strapping down stowage.
    They turned out a little out of scale, but I'm hoping this effect will be lessened once painted.
  • (photo 3) added what I can only think are lifting or towing eyes to the front (as per reference photo on the actual tank)
  • (photo 4) closed the gaping holes under the fenders. Since the model will be raised and has no side skirts, the (lack of) interior would be visible. You could actually see through to the other side.

Now that construction is almost finished, I noticed the kit has the wrong kind of wheels for the tank I'm portraying. It has the wheels with 12 holes for evacuating mud or snow, the kit has the old-style closed wheels. 
As I'm not usually inclined to pay more for a replacement set for a few parts than I paid for the entire kit to begin with, I'll probably just go ahead with the "wrong" wheels. Everyone who notices, I'll just bribe with a beer.

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