Saturday, 15 September 2012

Looking for treasures

In a fit of nostalgia, I decided to pay a visit to the attic and try to dig up the boxes containing my old models. These are models I put together as a teen (now 15-20 years ago) and stowed away carefully when I stopped modelling.

There's a LOT of junk - er - history on the attic, so it took some rummaging through everything to finally identify the boxes containing models.

From memory, these should contain between 20 and 30 models. I'm hoping most have survived long-term storage.

At first glance the first one contains the Babylon 5 space station, the saucer section of an Enterprise, the main rocket for a space shuttle, an upside down F18A Hornet and a bag with broken off parts.

The second one shows the USS Reliant (Star Trek II - The wrath of Khan).

The third box reveals the upper section of the USS Voyager and a A4/V2 rocket.

Pictures of the individual models coming soon, as I (carefully) go through each box.

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