Sunday, 16 September 2012

Treasure hunt - Part 1

The first box I opened contained the following 9 models :

The Babylon 5 space station. I was a big fan of this show in the nineties.
I own an unfinished Starfury, which will show op on this blog if I ever get around to finishing it.

F18A Hornet, with small parts broken off and a lot of silvering around the tiny decals. Knowing what I know now - having read about 10 issues of FineScale Modeler magazine - I'd probably be able to avoid that.

Partially assembled Space Shuttle. Project abandoned after bad paintjob. The yellow spots are white paint gone bad somehow. The main rocket has pooled up paint in several places. This was my first test with Tamiya spray cans and clearly not a very succesfull story. I should be able to avoid this in the future, but some parts of the model contain thick layers of paint, obscuring details. Not sure if this can be fixed. 

QUESTION : Is it possible to remove existing paint and start over?
EDIT : Yes it is!

2 mini-models I completely forgot about. An aircraft carrier and a destroyer of some sort, both equipped with working "engine". These kits were a terribly bad fit and will probably remain unpainted, since I'd much prefer to build these vessels in a much bigger scale.

Continuing the spray can fiasco with an Enterprise NCC-1701-A. Paint is not so thick here, so I should be able to correct this, once I have an airbrush (and some skill using it).

Saab's JAS 39 Gripen (Swedish for "Griffin"). All 3 wheels have broken off and cannot be located and the entire body has discolorations from some kind of mould, I think.
The ladder broke off after taking the picture, but I did a poor job glueing it on anyway (used WAY too much glue, trying to glue it on top of the paint I guess). If I want to fix this one, I'll have to remove what remains of the landing gear, close all the doors and pose it in-flight.

Ariane 5, Europe's main delivery system for getting satellites into orbit. 
(until december 2009)

MIR space station, no longer orbiting our little planet (de-orbitted in 2001), but still a fascinating piece of technology. In 1986 - long before I made plastic models - I became fascinated with everything that had to do with space.  Even went to space camp once at the Euro Space Center in Belgium. (The website looks like it hasn't been updated since :-))

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