Tuesday 27 August 2013

The Sprue Cutters Union #6: Can't Make Me!

This week's assignment for the Sprue Cutters Union makes us reflect on which modelling topics we would never touch, which part of the hobby we wouldn't ever consider doing.

- What will never make its way on to your workbench? -

I never say never, or at least rarely. As a teen, I built jetfighters and sci-fi, mainly Star Trek. Currently, I am making a tank, a car, a ship, more Star Trek ... There's a big truck in the stash and more sci-fi, so I guess it's fair to say I haven't chosen a theme and do not plan on doing so. Models tend to slowly trickle into my stash rather randomly. I browse a hobby shop or vendor booth and wait for one of the models to jump out at me, saying "Build me!".

With all those different categories, I still reside within the "plastic" scene, so how about we consider some aspects of the hobby I haven't played with yet.

Photo-etch, resin replacements, Friulmodel tracks, ...
I've experimented with photo-etch parts and understand the obvious quality they add to a model. The M1070 truck in my stash has loads of it (300+ I believe), so I'll get used to handling it, but I'm not one to buy a load of aftermarket upgrades.
As my modelling skills progress, I can understand one day feeling the need to add more detail, even if just for the sake of experimenting with new materials.

Figure painting
I haven't done any figure painting, and I'm not anxious to try it, but I'll give it a go someday. My brother-in-law is a master at it, so I can get all the tips I need.

I'll admit I'm a little scared of starting a diorama. I told myself I'd first get better at making models (i.e. using the airbrush, weathering, ...) and once I get the hang of it all, I think the desire to make some context to put it in will come automatically. I see people struggling with realistic water and plants, and one day I will endeavour to do the same.

The answer to this week's question?

There's one thing I am really incapable of : drawing and - as an extent - sculpting. I simply cannot do it realistically, even if my life depended on it. I can draw a cartoon cat or make one with play-doh, so my 2-year-old daughter knows what it is, but if it has to be a little more lifelike, nobody wil be able to tell if it's a cat, a dog or the creature from the black lagoon. So that's a big NO to sculpting.

Oh, and wooden boats with lots of rigging and sails. Never ever touching that again!

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  1. Good post Jeroen! I attempted sculpting a person not long ago. Didn't work out in my favor. I may try again down the road but for now, I'll stick to kits!

  2. Whatever area of the hobby you are into, sculpting is one of those skills that few find easy, but start simple and who knows where you might end up. At the moment, I'm still at the armour stage: plate and chainmail. That's about my limit at the moment!

  3. Enjoyable post, Jeroen. I appreciate your anxiety. Frank is spot on about "start simple and who knows". Good luck.